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Rethinking Cities Ltd.


Norton Folgate Lost
Norton Folgate - the last bastion against property-developer driven capitalism, holding out against the influx of high rise offices as the borders of Hackney and Tower Hamlets merge with the City of L ...MORE

Explore Everything
Scared of heights? Dark and dank beneath the ground experiences not your bag? Well sit back and listen to Brad Garrett else tell you what you have been missing. ...MORE



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Welcome to the Rethinking Cities Ltd. website.

We are a small, independent and flexible firm of consultants advising clients from the built environment, education, health, and transport sectors.

We also instigate and undertake research, incubate and pollinate ideas, host events and seminars, and organise activities and competitions to promote better city living.

In May 2014, we launched 'Walk with the Mayor' - It is a simple approach to a tough issue, how to improve communications between city leaders and citizens to help build liveable, resilient and sustainable cities - if you have suggestions for a 'Walk with the Mayor'  then please use our contact form. Download our flier about Walk with the Mayor

From the left hand menu you can browse pages that will introduce you to our specific skills and view examples of our recent initiatives and projects.  From the right hand News box you can find out how you can get involved in current and future events organised by Rethinking Cities.

Want to find a little more about the people behind Rethinking Cities?  Click here

We have two sister sites that you may wish to explore as well: 

Browse the calendar of events, walkshops and curated walks on offer through the Museum of Walking

Free podcasts to download and listen to - Talking Walking brings you interviews with artists, activitsts and professionals on how walking is a catalyst to their work.  We have just published our 60th episode.