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8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE



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City living explained

At Rethinking City Living We believe that lifestyle choices are the key to health. We are passionate in our aim to improve the lifestyle and health of our clients. We offer effective tools and techniques to enable our clients to live a healthy and fulfilled life. A lot of our work is with the individual on one to one advising on health, diet, nutrition, positive thinking and exercise.

We have specialist knowledge in complimentary therapies including Homeopathy, Flower essences and Aromatherapy. We offer physical activities including Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. All used too enhance your wellbeing and ease the stresses of city living.  We also cover diet, nutrition and exercise based around your current health, lifestyle and habit.

Rethinking City Living can draw on a range of expertise and skills in personal behavior and offers individual health and wellbeing consultations based around the lifestyle and health of the client.

Below is a taste of what to expect:

  • A range of complimentary therapies appropriate to your personal health requirements.
  • Advice on exercise. We look at finding the most appropriate activity for you, from cycling to work every day to yoga classes.
  • Rethinking our belief patterns to encourage positive thinking. We use a therapeutic model and coaching methods
  • Rethinking our food shopping choices to incorporate foods that will build mentally and physically healthy bodies. We support shopping choices made with conscience and believe in eating seasonally and supporting our local communities.
  • Ideas on how to cook and prepare food you have bought.
  • De-cluttering your mind and your home
  • Reassessing where you choose to live in your city. Have your priorities changed? What do we look for in a city, and what makes us choose the community we live in.

By making conscious choices about our lifestyle, where and how we live, we can get the most out of city living. Small changes can ripple into big outcomes and be an inspiration towards a fulfilled life. Restored health and a deeper connection within are also benefits.

Rethinking City Living  if you would like to investigate further or get in touch by using the contact form here.