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Rethinking Cities Ltd.


8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE



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Creative Futures

Creative Futures are our test bed for a range of ideas that appeal to young and old.

One of our key strengths at Rethinking Cities is in developing and incubating creative ideas.  We work with artists and creatives on a variety of projects some of which are never intended to have a commercial outcome.  However, we also help others to bring their ideas to a profitable fruition.

At Rethinking Cities Ltd. we believe children and young people, appropriately supported can evaluate and make recommendations that challenge impoverished design in the built environment and the inadequacies in transport. Children and young people are discerning consumers of the built environment and should be given the opportunity to be more active and able urbanists.

Rethinking Cities Ltd. advise clients in the private and public sector on how to:

  • consult with young people
  • develop vision strategies
  • brainstorm collaborative initiatives
  • and create tools to enlighten, educate and empower young people


Below are details of projects with which Rethinking Cities have been involved.

Blackfriars Festival of Pavement Art

Submission to Southwark Council as a celebratory event for the Blackfriars Mile - this is the sketch map alone

Client: London Borough of Southwark
Working with:

Rethinking Cities's Associate Simon Waters

Download: Sketchmap of propsed pavement art sites (544KB)

Knee High - Tulse Hill

Using "Gorilla tactcs" to improve spaces for carers, parents and young children in Lambeth & Southwark - application

Client: CABE/Design Council
Working with:

Rethinking Associates, Tulse Hill Forum, London Borough of Lambeth, Public Health Lambeth & Southwark

Download: Gorilla stroy (422KB)

The Urban Gym

Walk and Ride in Camden

Image: Walk and Ride in Camden

Rethinking Cities was asked to provide a keynote to graduates in communications design at Central St Martins College of Art & Design on the perception of walking and cycling. Part of the London Borough of Camden's Urban Gym initiative.

Client: London Borough of Camden
Working with: Communication Design students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Boston Neighbourhoods - dynamic interpretations

Information Architecture

Image: Information Architecture

Rethinking Cities is providing expert advice to graduate students in Dynamic media on how to discover and interpret what makes a neighbourhood. Skyped into classrooms at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Andrew Stuck is providing one-to-one and one-to-many transport and urban design education to graduate students.

Client: Massachusetts College of Art & Design



A finalist in the NHS London Social Innovation Competition for physical activity, AMAZING LONDON proposed a way in which London could become more playful for all ages.

Working with: Barking & Dagenham Borough Council, Bromley Borough Council, the Jubilee Hall Trust, and Writtle College. We are seeking partners to support this venture.
Download: The original submission (62KB)

Labyrinths in London

Finding public spaces where you can have a bit of "peace and quiet", to "recharge the batteries" or just to de-stress from the office, is proving harder and harder in our cities. We are looking to encourage the creation of labyrinths in small urban spaces, that people can enjoy through contemplative walking.

Incidental chess

Incidental chess outside London Frie Brigade HQ SE1

Image: Incidental chess outside London Frie Brigade HQ SE1

Fancy a game of chess or draughts when you are out and about? In European cities, it is common place to find people watching others playing chess in the outdoors - in Britain we are somewhat more reserved. We are developing a directory of incidental opportunities for people to play chess in Britain.

Look up London

Look up London

Image: Look up London

So often we walk the streets of our cities, focused on the ground directly in front of our feet. Mobile technologies often make us even less aware of our surroundings as we hob nob with friends and colleagues far from where we are. Look up London is a project to make us more aware of our surroundings using place markers and augmented reality that grabs our attention and makes us "look up from here".

Client: Lewisham Postive Ageing Council
Working with: Soho Simon

Dorset (Induction) Walkabout


Working with 3 schools in Shaftesbury, Dorset to develop a blueprint for schools, through which they promote walking in local neighbourhoods to families. To follow the project check

Client: Dorset LEA Extended Services

Places to Go: Case studies

Play England

Image: Play England

Commissioned by Play England's Places to Go project, Rethinking Cities carried out research and an evaluation of accessible play spaces.

Client: Play England

No Lingering in Lewisham


Image: Goldsmith's

Facilitating workshops and conducting walk shops with secondary school children helping children to develop skills to become discerning critics of the built environment, and engage in conversations with public space stakeholders, both in person and across the Internet.

Working with: Goldsmith's College's (University of London) Design & Technology team
Download: Project outline (39KB)

Vision strategy and signposting framework

Research to devise a vision strategy and signposting framework for the South West Regional School Travel Adviser (Department for Education and Skills). A supplementary task was to review existing educational resources that included a spatial dimension, and to determine which of these could be delivered through an on-line portal.

Client: Department for Education and Skills / Somerset County Council