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8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE



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8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE
(15 July 2017)

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE
(5 February 2017)

Spaces to play
Kristie Daniel, of Canada's Healthbridge is interviewed on Talking Walking about how local initiatives in developing countries are networking to share knowledge about creating spaces to play ...MORE
(5 February 2017)

Smart City - Smart Citizens? Experiment in mobile codesign
Our aim is to enable the citizens who live in our increasingly smart cities, to themselves become 'smarter', and more engaged, for example by contributing ideas to the shaping of their environments. ...MORE
(2 April 2016)

Bake a cake and share a story
Overcoming prejudices about notorious neighbourhoods is brilliantly achieved by baking cakes and sharing stories ...MORE
(2 April 2016)

Out and About in Shoreditch
Prepping for the year ahead for walking, join this workshop to make your own travel journal, sketchbook, travel diary or zine! ...MORE
(13 January 2016)

Quick quick SLOW
Hear from The Walking Institute's Claudia Zieske about a marathon that you can walk as slowly as you like. ...MORE
(13 January 2016)

Improving the lives of Whitechapel residents
2015 saw extensive work by Rethinking Cities on two estates in the Whitechapel Masterplan Area of inner London ...MORE
(13 December 2015)

Lets get walkable
Two thought leaders, one form the UK and one form Vienna, expound on the benefits of making neighbourhoods more walkable. ...MORE
(13 December 2015)

Norton Folgate Lost
Norton Folgate - the last bastion against property-developer driven capitalism, holding out against the influx of high rise offices as the borders of Hackney and Tower Hamlets merge with the City of L ...MORE
(29 October 2015)

Explore Everything
Scared of heights? Dark and dank beneath the ground experiences not your bag? Well sit back and listen to Brad Garrett else tell you what you have been missing. ...MORE
(9 July 2015)

Kings Cross Lost property
Join Tom Bolton, author of Vanished City and the Museum of Walking to seek out what Kings Cross has lost. Thursday 23 July ...MORE
(9 July 2015)

dash or DAWDLE
Celebrating National Beer Day on 15 June 2015 we are soft launching dash or DAWDLE in Clerkenwell - come and join us ...MORE
(15 June 2015)

Home Fronts
Tackling homelessness is just as difficult today as it appears to have been in Victorian London - Home Fronts our next Ruskin Walk EVENT CANCELLED ...MORE
(15 June 2015)

Soho Surprises
A new season of Look Up London walkshop in which you see London from new angles - first off is our classic Soho tour on Thursday 21 May ...MORE
(5 May 2015)

Reclaiming the city - Los Carpinteros
To complement the first major show in London of the work of Cuban collaborative Los Carpinteros at the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, we offering a walkshop weaving Havana into Hackney? ...MORE
(26 March 2015)

Stalking Londons Trees
Three discovery walkshops for London Tree Week - through support from the MAYOR OF LONDON, we are able to offer them for free! ...MORE
(26 March 2015)

Pull your weight to the Northern pole of Inaccessibility
Surely it's in the word 'Inaccessibility' that reveals that the walk that Lisa Pook, Talking Walking's latest interviewee is undertaking is more than just a walk in the park ...MORE
(26 February 2015)

Beyond the Red Line
Rethinking Cities in collaboration with MFAtech have been shortlisted as finalists in the 2015 Ordnance Survey Land Registry's GeoVation Housing Challenge ...MORE
(8 January 2015)

Light Dark: New England Quarter Brighton
Light & Dark: New England Quarter, Brighton is one of a series of action research half day events in 4 different locations (types of places) between London & Brighton before and after dark, to establi ...MORE
(11 December 2014)

Explore Walks
Our 60th episode of Talking Walking is an interview with author, illustrator, designer turned publisher, Julia Killingback who has created Explore Walks ...MORE
(30 November 2014)

Visualising Townscape
A celebratory walk in honour of Gordon Cullen took place on Saturday 29 November ...MORE
(25 November 2014)

Walking Stories
Immerse yourself in Walking Stories and you won't be able to to undertake another audio guide = listen in to the latest episode of Talking Walking ...MORE
(24 October 2014)

Get Lost?
Will you be getting lost in October - that's what Jennie Savage wants ...MORE
(26 September 2014)

Crick in the neck?
No chance of that with our Look Up London walks as we lend you a pair of binoculars - join in to see London from a new angle! ...MORE
(26 September 2014)

Walking the woods and the water
Nick Hunt is the author of Walking the Woods and the Water, an account of a seven and half month walk across Europe from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul, in the footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor. Nic ...MORE
(15 September 2014)

Meeting half way
Like all the interviews, undertaken for Talking Walking, their producer, Andrew Stuck tries to meet his interviewee ‘half way’ - unbeknownst to him when he set up the interview with Jess Allen, that ‘ ...MORE
(17 August 2014)

Talking Townscape
Celebratory walk through the City of London - marking Gordon Cullen's life, work and influence on today's townscape' ...MORE
(16 August 2014)

Street training
An interview with Lottie Child, a self-styled participatory performance artist who has devised "Street Training"?, in which adults and young people learn how to be more playful in our streets. Through ...MORE
(16 March 2014)

Rethinking Cities welcomes James Boyle
James Boyle joins Rethinking Cities as an Associate ...MORE
(15 March 2014)

Walking Sacred Britain
Planner and urban designer, Tim Hagyard took a career break in 2013, to devise and walk an 1500 mile route through Britain, that linked places of worship with places from his childhood and those relat ...MORE
(22 February 2014)

Where Ruskin walked in Shoreditch
More than 20 hardy Ruskinians braved the weather to launch Celeb8Feb to investigate John Ruskin's influence in Shoreditch ...MORE
(21 February 2014)

Plenty of space for walking
Walking will grow in popularity both on earth and beyond - so predicts endurance walking artist Anne Devine in our latest 5 year walking forecast. ...MORE
(17 December 2013)

Celeb8Feb - Ruskin walks in Shoreditch
Join us to launch Celeb8Feb with an investigation into John Ruskin's influence in Shoreditch ...MORE
(17 December 2013)

A Forest of Signs
Tallking Walking's latest episode is an interview with Susan Trangmar a visual artist working in the context of landscape, place and site and in particular the evolving relationships between material ...MORE
(8 November 2013)

Walking in Ruins
Our second 5 year walking forecast comes from best selling author Geoff Nicholson ...MORE
(22 October 2013)

5 years from now
To mark Talking Walking's 5th anniversary we invited thought leaders from around the world to make a prediction of a 5 year walking forecast - each Wednesday from now to Christmas we will publishing ...MORE
(15 October 2013)

The Politics of crossing boundaries
Latest episode of Talking Walking, brings an interview with Irish mult-media artist Christine Mackey. ...MORE
(5 October 2013)

Walking away and leaving your mark.
Latest Talking Walking episode is with Ali Pretty who will walk the 8 White Horses of Wiltshire over the August bank holiday - why not join her? ...MORE
(7 August 2013)

Know your place movement and opportunity in the city
Tim Stonor from Space Syntax gives Talking Walking his predictions for navigating our way on foot around the cities of the future in the latest episode of Talking Walking. ...MORE
(24 July 2013)

Splish Splash
Latest episode of Talking Walking is as much about mucking about with water as it is walking the streets of London - meet Amy Sharrocks, the Royal British Society of Sculptors Sculpture Shock Award wi ...MORE
(4 June 2013)

Expedition into the Digital Unknown
Six free walks one a month between Highbury & Islington and South Kensington tube stations to share knowledge and learn about social media, smartphone apps and GPS - why not join us? ...MORE
(19 March 2013)

Forty walks to trail your birthday
An interview with Dee Heddon, co-creator of the Walking Library at the 2012 Sideways Festival, who talks to Andrew Stuck about how she celebrated turning 40 - listen in at Talking Walking. ...MORE
(7 March 2013)

He wore canvas on the soles of his shoes
Reg Carremans is a Belgian walking artist who walked across Flanders with canvas on his shoes - listen in to Talking Walking hear his tale ...MORE
(9 February 2013)

Walking talking and drawing
Talking Walking celebrates its 5th birthday with Foster Spragge ...MORE
(12 January 2013)

Weaving Wellbeing into neighbourhoods
Popular ground breaking learning resource for community representatives, built environment and public health professionals. ...MORE
(17 December 2012)

Katrina Naomi talking walking
Latest episode of Talking Walking just published, is a an interview with south London poet and walking guide, Katrina Naomi. ...MORE
(18 November 2012)

Walking Sideways
Talking Walking will be appearing at the month long Sideways2012 Festival in Belgium starting on the 17 August ...MORE
(17 August 2012)

Squatting and Common Land in Hackney
Join Melissa Bliss and Andrew Stuck in an exploration of squatting and common land around London Fields, next in the series of Wednesday After Work Walks ...MORE
(29 June 2012)

Imagine a city without the wild things that grow under your feet, what a soulless place it would be! Join Rachel Gomme to investigate the Undergrowth on a Wednesday After Work Walk ...MORE
(22 June 2012)

Ruskin Walks Summer 2012
Three Ruskin Walks are planned this summer each with a different theme - we hope you will join us on each adventure ...MORE
(10 June 2012)

Look Up London in May
A new season of Look Up London walks has launched with the announcement of two new routes in London's West End led by Soho Simon ...MORE
(14 May 2012)

Pop In Debates
Have we lost our way to the High Street or has the High Street lost its purpose? What can we learn from Creative Come and Go futures for High Streets? Join this series of exciting debates. ...MORE
(13 April 2012)

Planning for Public Health in Lambeth
Lambeth's Wellbeing Network's annual conference was all about bringing planners, public health professionals and the community stakeholders together in a super-charged participatory event. ...MORE
(6 December 2011)

JR meets QR
Clerkenwell Cobbles revealed not just stones under one's feet but a digital code or two, on the latest Ruskin Walk ...MORE
(6 December 2011)

Under our feet...
Two more of the popular Ruskin Geology Walks to take place in December - book your places now! ...MORE
(20 November 2011)

In search of the UKs most walkable neighbourhoods towns and cities
During October and November, Rethinking Cities are asking a hundred experts for their suggestions of the most walkable neighbourhoods, towns and cities in the UK. ...MORE
(28 October 2011)

Walbrook released
Our autumn season of After Work Walks began with an investigation of the River Walbrook led by Tom Bolton ...MORE
(3 September 2011)

After Work Walks return for September
Rethinking Cities are offering you 6 intriguing walks in September, to tempt you out on discoveries after work ...MORE
(18 August 2011)

Loved Up London
The final After Work Walk in July was all about discovering secret romantic places in London - you would think that starting from Vauxhall bus station, to find any would be quite a challenge, but not ...MORE
(28 July 2011)

Stepping out with Ruskin
More than 20 participants stepped out in the rain to discover the neighbourhood in which John Ruskin lived for most of his life. Martin Fidler, creator of the Ruskin Walk inspired all to draw and sket ...MORE
(22 July 2011)

Tracing the Tyburn
Second in a series of four After Work Walks, Tom Bolton entertains participants in tracing the Tyburn, one of London's lost rivers. ...MORE
(17 July 2011)

Tree or False?
Our first Wednesday After Work Walk was a creative investigation into the truths and myths of native trees in and around the SE1 postcode area of London ...MORE
(7 July 2011)

Wednesday After Work
Rethinking Cities is taking to the streets in July, with four intriguing accompanied walks - why not join us? ...MORE
(3 July 2011)

Heard the one about..?
Len Banister is the guest on the latest Talking Walking episode - he's the man who has to borrow a dog to for a walk! ...MORE
(24 June 2011)

Little Green Fingers
With half term behind us and the last weeks of the school term ahead why not get your pupils involved in some practical work out in the open air? Download our free Talk the Walk tip sheet. ...MORE
(7 June 2011)

From stones to stories
Leo Hollis is an historian who undertakes research on foot through the streets of London. In the latest Talking Walking episode Andrew Stuck accompanies on a walk from the Royal Exchange to St Paul's ...MORE
(27 May 2011)

Drastic plastic
Andrew Stuck joins Fran Crowe on one of her frequent visits to the beach in Thorpeness, Suffolk collecting plastic to save the sea - our latest podcast episode. ...MORE
(24 April 2011)

What lies beneath this manhole cover?
Tom Bolton, author of the forthcoming book on the "Lost rivers of London" is talking walking with Andrew Stuck. ...MORE
(21 March 2011)

Making neighbourhoods more neighbourly
An event in two parts at the South London Gallery brought together by Rethinking Cities and PLAYLINK ...MORE
(16 March 2011)

Loved up London
Greenwich Park tops the list of London's most romantic places! ...MORE
(12 February 2011)

Victoria Walks
Ben Rossiter from Victoria Walks talks about this new walking promotion body and the challenges it faces in getting Australians to walk more ...MORE
(12 February 2011)

Community Engagement Coburg
Rethinking Cities brought UK community engagement techniques to Melbourne, Andrew Stuck conducted a series of workshops for local authority officers. ...MORE
(1 February 2011)

A walking meditation
Labyrinth walking is becoming a popular past time since Danielle Wilson has been laying out a canvas labyrinth at Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel in Hampstead, London - read more about her endeavours he ...MORE
(1 February 2011)

Writing Wall Playful Cities
Thirty plus creatives came together to establish how Tower Hamlets could become London's most playful borough taking part in a Writing Wall Workshops facilitated by Rethinking Cities. ...MORE
(3 December 2010)

Did we find love in Den Haag?
Participants on mobile workshops on consecutive days at the recent Walk21 conference in Scheveningen, the seaside suburb of the Hague in the Netherlands reveal their romantic discoveries. ...MORE
(21 November 2010)

Ten Talk the Walks
Ten Talk the Walks in two years! At Rethinking Cities, we have been leading the way in showcasing innovative, affordable and successful projects, as well as getting professionals together to discuss ...MORE
(7 November 2010)

Greening the grey makes us healthier
Rethinking Cities hosts its tenth Talk the Walk networking and showcase event on Wednesday 3 November from 5.00pm - 7.30pm at the Central Library in Bromley - come join in the discussion. ...MORE
(26 September 2010)

Have we lost the art of walking?
The latest episode of Talking Walking brings an interview with internationally acclaimed writer Geoff Nicholson, talking about the Lost Art of Walking" ...MORE
(26 September 2010)

Barking & Dagenham Borough Council is the latest supporter of AMAZING LONDON, promising several sites for mazes and labyrinths in 2011/12. ...MORE
(17 August 2010)

The Brunel Mile
The missing link in Isambard Kingdom Brunel's vision for an integrated transport system from London to New York is a stretch of Bristol that is almost exactly an imperial mile in length. The latest ...MORE
(11 July 2010)

Playful Cities - a deeper discussion
In July, Talk the Walk turned its attention to Playful Cities - looking at ways to make London more playful. We are now offering an opportunity in September to take the discussion deeper. ...MORE
(4 July 2010)

Talking Walking goes silver with Laura Jennings
The latest episode of Talking Walking is the 25th since its launch in February 2008. Laura Jennings a singer and performer talks to Andrew Stuck about how she developed audio walks through which parti ...MORE
(29 May 2010)

Retrofitted for walking
The Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment will host the next Talk the Walk on the theme of "Retrofitting for Walking" on Tuesday 22 June - this exciting networking event is full. ...MORE
(21 May 2010)

Best job in Walking?
Andrew Stuck accompanies Nick Cowen, a senior Rights of Way officer working in maintaining and protecting rights of way across south Wiltshire in the latest episode of Talking Walking. Listen or downl ...MORE
(5 May 2010)

A maze in your neighbourhood?
Rethinking Cities proposed AMAZING LONDON as an initiative to make London more family friendly - the proposal has been shortlisted in the NHS Go London Social Innovation Competition and come Friday 1 ...MORE
(23 April 2010)

Walking up the garden path
Talk the Walk return on the 21 April, co hosted by Groundwork London the theme is community gardens and how they contribute to local health and well being. ...MORE
(15 March 2010)

Walking the route of the M62
Follow the exploits of roving vicar John Davies as he recounts his cross-country walk beside the M62 motorway on Talking Walking's first podcast of 2010 ...MORE
(28 February 2010)

Unlucky in Love? Try Place Dating
Just launched is a new place dating site where you can recommend urban places, spaces and streets that inspire romance. Find out where you can discover romance. ...MORE
(11 February 2010)

Democratising urban planning
Our next Conversation will be introduced by Tom Cohen on the topic of "Democratising urban planning" and will take place at the Royal Commonwealth Society in London on Wednesday 24 February. ...MORE
(31 January 2010)

Bargain interventions that change behaviour
Talk the Walk returns in February 2010 with the theme of "Bargain interventions that change behaviour." ...MORE
(21 December 2009)

Dr William Bird talking walking
To close the 2009 season of Talking Walking interviews we hear from Dr William Bird, the family GP that has taken his vision of getting his diabetic patients health walking onto a national scale - whe ...MORE
(21 December 2009)

Walk England?
Out and about with Veronica Reynolds from Walk England, we learn about this new organisation's role in promoting walking. Rethinking Cities' Andrew Stuck interviewed Veronica for the latest episode ...MORE
(5 December 2009)

Harbour safari Hamburg style
Martin Kohler, a professor in urban planning at Hafen City University in Hamburg talks about the Harbour Safari – part guided walk, part exploration of a lost quarter of the city, part art interventio ...MORE
(23 November 2009)

Well-being in the workplace
In association with NHS Greenwich and Living Streets' Walking Works Campaign, we are hosting the fifth Talk the Walk at Novotel in Greenwich from 5.30pm on Wednesday 25 November - register ...MORE
(2 November 2009)

Do council estates have to look like Council Estates?
Liz Kessler poses the question "Do council estates have to look like "council estates"?" at the next Conversation from 5.30pm - 7.30pm on Tuesday 17 November held at John Thompson & Partners LLP 23 ...MORE
(17 September 2009)

Give us this day our daily walk
On foot in south London, with Des de Moor Senior Everyday Walking Officer at The Ramblers, and Tony Armstrong, CEO celebrating 80 years of Living Streets - the latest podcast interviews on Talking Wal ...MORE
(9 August 2009)

Talk the Walk: Childhood
Join the debate and meet fellow professionals to explore how we can improve the lives of children in Britain. The next Talk the Walk will take place on 9 September at Play England. ...MORE
(7 June 2009)

A Shoestring Award
We are currently compiling a directory of affordable and effective initiatives to promote walking. We are calling this the Shoestring Award - can you propose any good practice examples? ...MORE
(26 April 2009)

Animating public space - Talk the Walk
Talk the Walk visited the Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment, on its third outing, from 4.30pm to 7.00pm on Wednesday 3 June. ...MORE
(22 March 2009)

Shared space is old hat
In this Conversation, designer Tim Long explores successful shared spaces on London streets and offers how it can benefit all users. Join him in Conversation on Thursday 23 April. ...MORE
(22 March 2009)

Romantic Ribbons America
Our Romantic Ribbons initiative has crossed the Atlantic and will be launched by the Project for Public Spaces on Saturday 14 February ...MORE
(14 February 2009)

Poem Horni-man wins Urban Design Week prize
A poem about London Road in Forest Hill, south east London, has won the Urban Design Romantic Ribbon competition. Read the poem and find out how you can contribute to Romantic Ribbons. ...MORE
(13 December 2008)

The evolution of the Australian walking professional?
Bill Chandler founder and convenor of Australian Urban Design Forum talks about the evolution of walking professionals in the latest episode of Talking Walking podcasts. ...MORE
(29 November 2008)

Talk the Walk - Networking events for people promoting walking
A second Talk the Walk networking events for professionals promoting walking took place at The Arts Council on Tuesday 10 February - themed appropriately in the run up to Valentine's Day on emotiona ...MORE
(18 November 2008)

Flip Flop Art for sale
Since mid summer artists have been creating artwork inspired by flip flops - the world's most popular footwear! You can purchase any of these pieces and by doing so contribute money to St Christopher ...MORE
(2 November 2008)

Are you a walking brain box?
Last month, in association with our sister site Talking Walking, we ran a quiz on everything about walking - a question for everyday of the month - in celebration of "Walk'tober" and the Barcelona Wa ...MORE
(6 October 2008)

Love in the City? - have you had a hand in designing for love?
Love in the City? - have you had a hand in designing for love? To celebrate Urban Design Week 2008 we invited those who have had a hand in designing our cities to write a postcard recommending a ...MORE
(26 August 2008)

Bored with Debord?
The Autumn season of Conversations opens with Alan Bullion posing the question: "Are we bored with Debord? What can we derive from his concept of drift in the modern city?" - do come and join Alan in ...MORE
(14 August 2008)

Talking Walking
Visit the website from which you can download and listen to interviews of people involved in the world of walking. ...MORE
(18 July 2008)

Romantic Urban Narratives
Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities will be presenting a paper at the forthcoming psycho-geography festival in Manchester in June, in which he explores romantic urban narratives from post cards sent v ...MORE
(13 June 2008)

Children and the City
Tim Gill one of the UK's leading commentators on children and childhood is presenting the topic of Children and the City at a Conversation hosted by Rethinking Cities on Wednesday 9 July, 2008. Read ...MORE
(13 June 2008)

Romantic places in London? Let us ask the professionals.
Transport for London hosted a walking and cycling conference at which some 300 professionals from the worlds of walking and cycling came to share ideas and knowledge. Rethinking Cities sought their ...MORE
(14 April 2008)

Know somewhere romantic?
Discover a recommended romantic urban place for you and your lover - go on rekindle your passion. If you know of some urban place equally as romantic or better, why ...MORE
(27 March 2008)

Talking Walking
Listen now or download a podcast to listen later to artists, activists and professionals from the world of walking. ...MORE
(27 March 2008)

Looking for somewhere romantic?
Every week, we are publishing a recommended romantic urban place for you and your lover to discover - go on rekindle your passion. If you know of some urban place equally as romantic or better, why ...MORE
(3 February 2008)

Food deserts for some and gastronomic quarters for others?
Susan Parham will introduce the topic of the politics, sustainability and design of food-centred regeneration in London at a Conversation on Wednesday 5 March. ...MORE
(20 January 2008)

Romantic Toronto
Toronto became the focus for the Romantic Ribbons initiative, with Rethinking Cities conducting a romantic walk shop and the Design Exchange hosting an exhibition. ...MORE
(29 September 2007)

What do we mean by affordable housing?
Martin Ford will stimulate discussion around Affordable housing for the opening Conversation on Future Lifestyles in 2008. Why not join him in Conversation on Tuesday 15 January by registering to tak ...MORE
(10 September 2007)

Celebrating our suburbs
Ian Philips wonders whether today's urbanism obsession of sense of place really matters if a standardised system of suburban housing delivers what people appear to want. Join him in Conversation o ...MORE
(28 August 2007)

Any value in public space?
Following the success of the Conversation in which Rob Cowan introduced the topic: "Putting a value on the public realm." On a 6 weeks trial basis we launched a blog through which anyone could join in ...MORE
(20 May 2007)

In love with Isabella
Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, has been recommended as the most romantic place in London by entrants in our on-line Romantic Ribbons competition. ...MORE
(27 April 2007)

Community involvement - worth the trouble?
Plenty of confusion still exists about who and what role the community has in regeneration. Sophia de Sousa from the Glass-House will lead a Conversation about the value of community involvement on We ...MORE
(2 April 2007)

Map Ramble
Saturday 28 April sees the second Map Ramble of 2007 starting and finishing at the Geffrye Museum in London E2 8EA - join this experimental investigative street theatre initiative. ...MORE
(12 February 2007)

Where is the Soft City now?
Asks Tim Waterman, urban designer and writer, in Rethinking Cities' next Conversation on 27 February, 2007. ...MORE
(13 January 2007)

Romantic ribbons competition
We are compiling a directory of Romantic Ribbons - walking routes that link romantic places and spaces - across cities in the UK and Europe. ...MORE
(11 January 2007)