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8 Breaths
An engaging and thought-provoking walking tour of Oxford brings tools for individuals to use to improve air quality ...MORE

5 10 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year
5, 10, 20 .... 2017 is an Anniversary year for Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking ...MORE



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Why is romance in the city so important?

More and more of us live in cities, and it is vital that we maintain our emotional well-being and live happy lives. Romance is such a fantastic feeling and discovering it is a significant and vital part of human life. We at Rethinking Cities Ltd. want as many people to experience and share this frisson in their local neighbourhoods, towns and cities. We map romance and devise "Romantic Ribbon" walking routes, and create fun ways in which people can (re)discover romance in their neighbourhoods. May we enlist your help in identifying romantic urban places? We have devised a fun way for you to take part, by creating a Romantic Ribbons 'post card', just follow this link.

What makes a place or route romantic?

Good urbanism, elegant urban design, accessible public spaces and people-friendly promenades.

As Romantic City Designers we have been researching romance in cities in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. We conduct "walk shops" (mobile workshops and site visits) with groups including professionals in the built environment, health, tourism and transport.

We use romance as a metaphor for people to better understand good urbanism. We use an experiential process engaging participants through their senses and feelings. We all experience the built environment through our senses but what are our feelings as we move within and through our neighbourhoods and towns? Do we feel comfortable, does it make us feel happy, does it add to our life experience?

Many cities are incorporating good design and we want to help them promote good urbanism, Rethinking Cities Ltd. will help your neighbourhood, town or city achieve this by

If you would like further information regarding how Rethinking Cities Ltd. can help you promote good urbanism and Romantic City Design, please contact us here

Below are details of projects with which Rethinking Cities have been involved.

Did we find love in this city?

A workshop on foot in the streets of Scheveningen, The Hague - experiential and participatory techniques are brought together to generate team synergy and above all have fun on a budget.

Client: Walk21 Den Haag
Download: Workshop outline and discoveries (924KB)

Romantic Ribbons walkshop

Tastes of a romantic city

Image: Tastes of a romantic city

Conducting a walk shop (mobile workshop and site visit) with Barcelona Walk21 delegates during which participants learnt how to determine what makes a place/city romantic and how to identify examples of good design interventions that promote comfort, happiness and romance.

Client: 2008 Barcelona Walk21
Download: Romantic Ribbons - routes linking romantic places (79KB)